If you are finding it hard to do your own shopping due to lack of time or ill health we are here for you. Simply write your shopping list for us to collect and leave to rest to us. We will collect the items from the shop of your choice, then drop them off and put them away for you. 



 Nice and Clean provide professional organisers and declutterers. Maybe you want a cupboard tidying and reorganising, or a wardrobe clearing, or maybe there is a lack of organisation within your house and you need help to get back on track. 

Being tidy and organised allows you to take control of your life. It will enable you to save time searching for things and instead spend time with your family and friends.

Decluttering involves:

  • organising toys, clothes and other items.
  • grouping similar items together.
  • removing unwanted items- choose a charity shop of your choice.
  • organising paperwork- shredding unwanted papers, organising files.
  • organising kitchen cupboards

Using outside help will enable you to make time to sort through your items, and because there are no emotional ties with the items you will be able to remove  unwanted items easier than if you were sorting through on your own.

Wardrobe organisation.

It is said we only use 20% of our wardrobes, this is probably due to having disorganised wardrobes and being unable to access clothes. We will work alongside you to sort out any clothes that no longer fit you or you no longer want. Together we will make space  in your wardrobe. 



We will help you keep on top of your ironing pile. We will come to you so you must provide iron and ironing board. We charge by the hour and we can incorporate cleaning also.


 Laundry services

We can wash and hang out/ dry your washing for you within your home. This works particularly well when we are cleaning your house. We put the washing on, and by the time we finish cleaning the washing is ready to be hung out/ put away. We also strip and make beds.


Putting up curtains

Many people struggle to put up and take down curtains. We can incorporate this into our work to make your life a whole lot easier.


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